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One Heart’s Fall Mixer 2018 Invitation

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

To download full document on your computer, use this link: One heart newsletter Spring 2018 Final

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Fundraiser: Cotton Tees and Canvas Tote with One Heart Logo

Click on the form below and it will open a separate window in your browser from which you can print out the form.  Mail the completed form along with your check to Kim Johnson at the address provided in the upper right corner of the form.  Thanks for supporting the Center for the One Heart!

One Heart form

Spring 2018 Speaker Series

To download the flyer for distribution, click this link: Flyer spring lecture series, print and share with friends.  Many thanks!

Flyer spring lecture series

Spring Fling is May 19, 2018 at New Location

Spring Fling2018

Promise of Spring Social 2018

Promise of Spring Social

Promise of Spring Social

2017 Christmas Holiday Party Invitation

Holiday Party

This live link:, includes map and directions to White Hall Community Center.

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Click here to download the complete newsletter as a pdf: OneheartnewsletterFall2017



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Spring 2017 Newsletter

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OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_04 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_05 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_06 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_07 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_08 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_09 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_10 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_11 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_12 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_13 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_14 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_15 OneHeartNewsletter Spring 2017 Final_Page_16


2017 Spring Lecture

spring 2017 lecture