September, 2018

2018 Holiday Party Invitation

One Heart Christmas Party

Here is the downloadable pdf that you can use to make copies for distribution:  One Heart Christmas Party


Fall Mixer – Venue has Changed!

The opportunity has opened up for us to gather at David VanDerveer’s Zen Barn this Saturday, in case the weather takes a turn for the better.

He’s excited to offer everyone the chance to get together since Swannanoa had to be cancelled.

Rain or shine, we will gather, unless it becomes too dangerous to travel.

The Zen Barn is 224 Mulberry Dr
Stanardsville VA 22973

We recommend using Waze for GPS. Google Maps isn’t always dependable or correct.

Saturday, we’ll  start at 3:00 and will have our Potluck around 5:30 and we’ll have our Bluepot out to share with David for such an amazing space.

Shallel is a YES for some tunes and we may have a special guest musician…all weather permitting!

Amy and Theodis are here for another 2 weeks and are hoping to see everyone before heading to Florida.

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